An Introduction To Technology

Technology is the complete collection of any new techniques, skills, processes, and methods used in the achievement of goals, including scientific discovery, and in the production of new products or services. It refers to a range of acquired knowledge applied in particular fields. Technological change is the result of advances in knowledge and techniques that are the result of historical evolution, ranging from the appearance of new technology to the wide use of new information systems, to computerization and the internet. Technological change can be a result of new scientific discoveries, social changes, technological developments, and even cultural activities. These include:


In recent years, technology in the broad sense has been increasing both its breadth and depth. This may be seen in new applications of computer technology, digital and electronic literature, multimedia, scientific research, and computer sciences. Some of the recent developments in knowledge and skills include: education, engineering, business, computer science, health care, and human resources. Although it is a relatively new field, many students seek degrees in technology studies because of the growing need for people with the technical skills to deal with the wide variety of practical problems that occur in daily life.

There is an increasing demand for people with these kinds of skills because of the growing need for scientific, technical, and engineering professionals to formulate and implement the policies that affect society, create knowledge, and produce and utilize products that enhance the quality of life. Technologists who learn to apply the scientific method and apply it to the practical applications of technology may learn to advance the knowledge and develop new methods for scientific investigation, and they may also learn to develop new technologies that will be useful to society. They may go on to develop new forms of energy, transportation, communications, and computer systems.