How to Play Online Poker


Poker is a card game in which players bet against each other in order to win a pot. Each player’s hand is comprised of five cards, and winnings depend on the best combination of those cards.

The cards are dealt in turn to each player, who can choose to either show them or fold. The dealer, who shuffles the cards, has the last right to shuffle them.

There are several types of poker, including draw poker, stud, and community card poker. These differ in the number of cards and betting intervals. Most versions have two rounds of betting.

A round of betting begins after the player deals a hand. He or she may bet or raise. After the round, the player who has the highest ranking poker hand wins the pot. If more than one player is in contention, the final round of betting is referred to as a showdown.

In the case of a tie, secondary pairs or other unmatched cards are used to break the tie. Five of a kind is considered the highest possible hand. Players can discard up to three cards.

All poker variants feature at least one round of betting. At the end of each round, the bets are gathered into the central pot. Depending on the type of poker, the bets can be grouped into side pots.

When all but one player has folded, the final round of betting is completed. The player who wins the main pot and the side pots is the winner.