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The info box domain is a generic top level domain within the Domain Name System of the Internet’s Domain Name System. Registration requirements don’t prescribe any particular intent, but the name is actually derived from more general information. That generic data is actually what the domain name “info” is derived from. This data is part of the “common domain-name” (cc) database, which is maintained by the ICANN, a California non-profit corporation. The CC has overseen the registry since its inception in October 1996.


By looking at the public info box records, we can see that a search for info boxes with the name “Maryland court records” brings up a bunch of different sites. The Maryland court records give information about trials and all the other middlespace legalities associated with them. While this may be interesting, we don’t really need to go there. Instead, we should look at the info-box domain itself. We should try to see if we can get more info from it. This is probably not going to be a problem because most of these domains have been registered long time ago and they are in the “orphaned” state, meaning that they haven’t been put into use yet.

The problem is that there is no info available on the Maryland Court Records’ website about the name of the domain registrant. This domain was registered by a web designer who has since died. Even if he did have some info on the owner, the information he provided on the site is outdated now. In fact, the info on the website for the Maryland Court Records is incomplete – even the name of the person who registered it has been deleted. There is hope though, because if you know how to perform an internet search on the name of any domain, you can still get some very useful data.