Info Business Solutions – A Success Story

Info Business Solutions, founded in 1983 by Mr. Ted Boutrosian, is a highly successful Information Technology company based in Tirana, Albania. It is also renowned as the ” tallest information center” in the region. Info Business Solutions is also a member of InfoSoft Group, among the largest networks in Albania, an pioneer in the information industry throughout Europe and the region, highly successful and highly competitive in the online market through 30 years of successful experience. It has offices in major cities across Europe as well as North America.

info business

The main goal of InfoBusiness Solutions is to provide its clients with state of the art information solutions for their businesses. This includes providing complete integration to the business processes of the client. InfoBusiness Solutions provides customized software development, marketing, website development and training, system integration, data recovery, consulting services, and security solutions. This comprehensive package also includes fraud management, supply chain management, and overall business recovery.

Information technology has been growing in leaps and bounds throughout the last few decades. This growth has increased the need for new systems which provide better ways to collect, organize, manage and transmit information from various sources. InfoBusiness Solutions provides many such systems, many of which are aimed at improving the efficiency of small and medium businesses in processing large volumes of data and communicating this information to the customers. Many business owners find themselves outsourcing their data requests to specialized providers which can be more costly than if they had built their own systems from scratch. However, many businesses are reluctant to build their own infrastructures and are hesitant about adopting new technology. This is where Info Business Solutions can prove to be a valuable alternative for such businesses.