Information Business Solutions

Info Business Solutions is only part of InfoSoft Group, a leading group in Albania, an extremely successful and tough competitor in the local market across 30 years of expertise. This award winning company was established in 1995 with the aim of creating opportunities for small and medium enterprises and has achieved great success so far. It is based in Tirana, The former capital of Albania and is now expanding its operations to include overland and air transport, postal services, distribution, information technology and other services for all industries. Info Soft’s main customers are mainly the government of Tirana, The High School Diploma Programme (HDSP), The Albania School Certificate Program (ASCP), University of Diyendorf (UDIAD), Association of Specialized Training Programs (ASTP), International Association of Information and Communication (IITC) and Albania Technical and Cultural Association (ATAIC). This highly diversified and experienced business has been successful because of its ability to tailor fit solutions to suit each customer’s individual needs. Many of its clients are growing fast and have become very strong and reliable partners to their respective companies and organizations.

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Info Business Solutions’ main goal is to ensure that they meet the expectations and needs of the international and domestic market, in particular those from the business community. Its industry subspecialties include strategic consulting, global development and information technology. The firm has offices in key cities around the world such as Tokyo, Paris, Vilnius, Brussels, Islamabad, Erudia, Bangkok and New Delhi. It also has manufacturing, technical and assembly plants in some of the developing countries such as India, Mexico, China, Romania and Malaysia. Many of its branches and offices are operated by full time ex-bankers and the management team is highly educated with international experience.

In recent years, the business has seen an increase in sales due to the entry of several transnational corporations and also due to the increasing demand for outsourcing in many countries across the world. In Tirana alone, the business has seen a rise in sales of over $100 million. Some of its clients are Ford, Unilever, Cargil, Alcoa, Coca Cola, General Motors, International Business Times, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CitiBank, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse,enth Skopel AG, Sterkraft and ABB. At present, Info Business Solutions has four business development centers across the globe, which focus on areas such as information technologies, customer support, e-commerce and telecom.