MBA – The Key To Efficient Business Functioning

Information is defined as the resolution of ambiguity; it identifies both the nature and the essence of an object and so answers the question ‘what is it?’ The context of information has very different meanings in different contexts, as for instance when we talk about health, information might refer to the knowledge which a person acquires about a disease or illness. In another context, it could mean mere general knowledge or technical knowledge. Then there is another meaning of information which is used in computing, that is, to find patterns, structures or relationships among various inputs.


Information science helps us to achieve better quality control and to create better business functions by creating more accurate, clear and complete information systems. An information system is a collection of interrelated and coupled processes and hardware and software that allows users to obtain data and use it in a meaningful way for their business functions. This means that an information system can provide a complete solution for any business function, from product analysis, design, manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer support and human resources to financial planning, supply chain management and operational improvement. Information technology is the application of information science to achieve these business functions. Information technology is the application of computer science, engineering and other disciplines to improve the performance and standard of business information systems.

Information technology is a growing field with a number of multinational companies investing in information systems over the last few years. However, many of these companies are still working on developing better business functions through manual processes and human interpretation. As such, the number of jobs in information systems are still steadily falling leaving an urgent need for professionals who can manage business functions more efficiently and effectively. Therefore, the perfect time to enroll in an MBA program is now! The advantages of enrolling in an MBA program include a competitive edge over other candidates who may have the same skill set and experience but who may lack the necessary educational credentials and professional accreditation.