Technology Education and Its Place in Education

Technology is basically the sum of all human skills, systems, processes, and methods utilized in the creation of goods or services and or in the achievement of specific goals, like scientific research or in computer sciences. It is very necessary for every business because without it, there can be no progress. Today, a broad range of technical tools and equipment are made available to the businessmen so that they can use them for the development of their businesses. These tools include computers, laser, computers, instrumentation, wiring, software, etc. The variety and quantity of technology in a businessman’s workplace is so huge and sophisticated that sometimes it becomes almost impossible for him to control it all.


There have been a lot of researches made over the years to find out the precise definition and explanations of technological concepts. This paper seeks to provide a systematic description and exposition of those definitions and introduce a framework on which to critically examine them. This paper will critically examine some of the most important technological concepts and gauge their consistency and validity as they relate to the modern-day business setting. The paper will conclude by briefly discussing some of the technology education concerns and their contributions to the technological system. A closer examination at several levels, both theoretical and practical, will further illuminate the various facets of technological concepts. Each chapter will deal with a different subject matter and discuss different aspects of the technology concepts as they pertain to the modern-day business setting.

In order to effectively evaluate and interpret modern technological concepts, it is important for the reader to gain a firm grasp of the various technological and scientific concepts that underlie these concepts. A closer scrutiny at various technology concepts will further shed light on the conceptualization and further development of such concepts through time. Thus, technology education plays an important role in educating students about the various technologies that permeate our day-to-day lives. These concepts become important to evaluate and interpret the many different technological advances and the factors that contribute to their successful operation.