The Impact of Technology on Society – Science and Technology

Technology is nothing but the sum of human knowledge and the application of those sciences and skills which are applied in the development of new products, services, or in the achievement of goals, for example, scientific research. As new products, services, and goals are developed technology is also developed to facilitate the process of progress. Every step in the development of technology involves new practices and more sophisticated tools, with each one of these requiring new skills.


Technology has a number of effects on society. For example, through technology, the means of communication, transport, and information are all being improved. However, as discussed at the end of this article, there have been significant changes in human conditions through the twentieth century; the industrial revolution, for example, changed the values and principles upon which the twentieth century was established.

There are some areas that still experience significant changes. As touched on briefly in this article, education, entertainment, communications technology, and augmented reality are all touchstones for transforming the human condition. The impact of science and technology on society is vast. There is still much to learn about the impact of science and technology on society.