What Is News?

Examples of news: print media, television media, radio, and web. Many kinds of news are available: sports, weather, international news, local news, financial news (local or world stock markets), education news (mainly about schools and education in particular), local business news (mainly about local business), and so on. Types of news include news items (usually in print or on TV), opinion pieces (on radio or TV), editorials (sometimes on TV and in print), live reports (on radio or TV), and so on.


Examples of news items: local television news, national television news, evening news, morning news, sportscenter, weather news, evening news, local magazine news, and so on. Examples of news items: newshows (seasons), dramas, movies, music shows, reality shows, cartoons, and more. It is the power of new media outlets to provide what we need: the ability to be aware of the events happening around the world as they happen, to be able to act on those events as they unfold, and to be able to react as they unfold – in an instantaneous manner. This ability to react quickly has made news a key element of modern life. In recent years, new mediums such as the Internet have provided even greater possibilities for news.

It is the ability of the news, to act as a catalyst that pushes events towards their resolution, and to act as a force that changes them. The news means different things to different people. For some it is purely a form of communication, while for others news means something more concrete: changing the way an individual or a community views on a particular issue or political event. Regardless of the different ways in which news is interpreted, one thing remains clear: the value of the news in our everyday lives.