What is Technology?

Technology is the study of any systems, practices, processes, or techniques used in the creation of goods or services by human labor or in the achievement of specific goals, for instance scientific research. The study of technology traces its roots back to the earliest civilizations, whose products and technological systems were highly specialized due to the lack of available resources. As civilization developed and more people started living in urban centers, trade networks were established and this eventually created written records that served as the foundation of all ancient civilizations, including those of Egypt and China. With the coming of civilizations to the present world, especially in today’s modern era where much of the world is connected by air and has the same technological capabilities as the ancient world, there are constant debates on how technology is changing the world and the people who live in it. Some people argue that technology is a good thing because it helps us improve things for the better while other people decry technology because it destroys the natural world.


Technological change is something that cannot be stopped, even if some governments try to ban it or restrict the use of certain technologies, most governments only do this because they fear the misuse of technology. Others claim that all forms of technology are beneficial to mankind while still others decry technology for the harmful things it creates. Still, there are still some people who support technology and its development. Some tech-savvy individuals and businesses invest their money into researching new applications for technology and in finding ways to utilize technology to make life easier for everyone. These individuals and businesses go beyond mere belief in technology; they actually live and breathe technology because it gives them the edge they need to get ahead in their given fields of work.

Technology is inevitable in our world today. There are so many things that are made possible through technology – transportation, communication, energy, information, medicine, etc. The effects of technology can be seen not only in how the world works but also in how people live. Without technology, life would simply be one huge disaster.