What is the Meaning of Info in China?

The domain name info belongs to the Domain Name System of the Internet, which is a generic top level domain within the Domain Name System. Registration requirements don’t always prescribe a specific purpose, but the name is actually derived from much more generalized information. The term info comes from the first syllable “information”. The info name has nothing to do with computer science or computer engineering, and its usage is therefore largely considered unnecessary by most people.


The first mention of the term info in Chinese is from a book called Confucius: A Wealth of Nations, written by an ancient Chinese thinker and sociologist, discussing his conception of the ideal government. According to this thinker, Sarsaparikos should be able to describe what a nation’s social structure should be like based on the types of cultural traits it should have. Sarsaparikos could also explain why some nations are poor while others are rich. It could also explain why some nations have a developed culture while others have an advanced economy. According to these ideas, info in China refers to a mixture of all the above elements that describes the ideal China. The book states that “nothing can be perfect in itself” and that there should be “nothing artificial about it”.

On the date of this writing, the World Health Organization is holding a meeting to discuss cases of global health concern. At this meeting, they will be debating a resolution to increase the number of deaths caused by diseases like AIDS, Malaria, typhoid, and cancer. At the meeting, there will be an attempt to increase the death rate from diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. China is trying to help fight the case fatality rate by increasing the number of people who seek fatality treatments worldwide. They claim that they will reduce the case fatality rate by five percent by the year 2010.